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Year Six
Story Arc 94

Let the ultimate battle between good and Cedric begin!
21 comics
Story Arc 95

Now that Mother Namir has been declared legally dead, will Tipper be able to heal old wounds and move on?
7 comics
Story Arc 96

A quick glance into what everyone else has been up to as of late.
7 comics
Story Arc 97

Dr. Fitzgerald has something very important to say to Joy...
8 comics
Story Arc 98

Maggie and Momma Dorpe are planning the wedding of the century for Mallory and BoB!
6 comics
Story Arc 99

Joy Satu and Blue Deiter are preparing for the next big step in their lives.
14 comics
Story Arc 100

It seems like everyone has other plans for tonight.
6 comics
Story Arc 101

Tipper and her father have quite a bit of unfinished business to attend to...
15 comics
Story Arc 102

Falco gives Tipper some dish into a side of Gabby Tipper may not know about.
7 comics
Story Arc 103

More quick glances into what everyone has been up to.
7 comics
Story Arc 104

It's time for Blue to move back home to help her sister prepare for her baby! But is Blue prepared for all the responsibly...?
14 comics
Story Arc 105

It's Spring time in Mt. Morhobiki and more than pollen is in the air...
7 comics
Story Arc 106

Dahlia is having a party...and it's all going to hit the fan.
28 comics
Story Arc 107

As their High School career ends, Tipper and her friends must figure out where to go from here.
14 comics
Story Arc 108

Blue is taking Tipper & Joy on a camping trip they'll never forget...
14 comics
Story Arc 109

Tipper and Gabby are in need of a place to stay with a dependable person... unfortunately all they have to choose from are people they know.
14 comics
Story Arc 110

Mallory and BoB take it to the alter in an all out wedding massacre!
7 comics
Story Arc 111

Tipper needs money for college and knows only one person who knows how to get it!
14 comics
Story Arc 112

Falco butts her nose into Tipper and Gabby's business. Intense emotions ensue.
21 comics
Story Arc 113

Just as Joy finally made peace with her life, her boyfriend Ferdinand changes everything.
21 comics
Story Arc 114

Joy is going to learn first hand just what life with baby is all about.
7 comics
Story Arc 115

Everyone needs a place to spread their wings and have a place of their own...
26 comics
Story Arc 116

Snickers doesn't have anyone to celebrate Halloween with and isn't taking it well. At all.
12 comics
Story Arc 117

Everyone has their own post-Halloween issues to deal with...
7 comics
Story Arc 118

Cedric and Falco are off to give Gabby a Thanksgiving fit for a college student!
28 comics
Story Arc 119

Blue has a plan to get Tipper into college on her own!
7 comics
Story Arc 120

Anybody who's anybody (and even some who aren't) will be at the Midnight Amoeba Xing, PA release party!
7 comics
Story Arc 121

It's that time of year again...
4 comics
Story Arc 122

Roxanne's plans may make a baby out of Blue.
17 comics

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