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Year Four
Story Arc 51

As college looms ominously in the distance, Joy must decide on whether to follow BoB or her own dreams...
30 comics
Story Arc 52

Two weeks of one shot comics, what more could you want from life (besides a pink pony)?
6 comics
Story Arc 53

Its the last Spring Break of High School and Joy wants to party accordingly, she's just having trouble convincing anyone to join her.
12 comics
Story Arc 54

A day in the magical life of Blue Deiter.
4 comics
Story Arc 55

Taimoor is off to Cedric's studio and finds out more about his friend than he bargained for!
13 comics
Story Arc 56

Its time for Snickers and Joy to finally graduate High School!
12 comics
Story Arc 57

You never know what you are going to get!
3 comics
Story Arc 58

The other side of the argument and around the bend.
3 comics
Story Arc 59

How does Tipper feel about Taimoor...how does Taimoor feel about Tipper?
15 comics
Story Arc 60

Joy gets talked into fixing Mallory's computer. The poor, poor girl...
5 comics
Story Arc 61

The girls go to an anime convention...and do stuff!
10 comics
Story Arc 62

Snickers, Blue and Joy are off to college! But homework isn't the only tough challenge ahead for Joy...BoB, her ex-boyfriend, is coming home!
38 comics
Story Arc 63

As the new High School year begins, Tipper could certainly use more than five ways away from Cedric, her overeager suitor, but is the answer to her problem located in a new friend?
12 comics
Story Arc 64

It's time for Halloween around the Namir residence! As Snickers tries to make everyone happy, Tipper has taken off for a...date?
12 comics
Story Arc 65

It's just another work day in the life of Twix...
5 comics
Story Arc 66

Blue is going to find out a bit more about her family...whether she likes it or not.
5 comics
Story Arc 67

It's Thanksgiving time again and Snickers and Tipper are on edge...the Dorpes are coming over for Dinner!
10 comics
Story Arc 68

Years ago, Mallory Ducky Duck was given a makeover and sent to boot camp.  She dropped her nickname, her look, and went from hooligan-antisocial to antisocial-antisocial. BoB recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Joy. They both blame Mallory for this, for different reasons. So BoB wants to hang out with Ducky.
5 comics
Story Arc 69

Thanks to Twix's mother, Momma Dorpe, it seems that wedding bells are in Snickers and Twix's future...again.
11 comics
Story Arc 70

Tipper and Joy spend the Holidays together while Cedric schemes...some sort of scheme.
9 comics

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