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Year Two
Story Arc 10

You say you want a resolution... well- it'll cost ya- or at least me- my sanity...!!
5 comics
Story Arc 11

A whole month of one week story lines- lets see if I can pull it off!!
13 comics
Story Arc 12

Perhaps one of the more serious arcs thus far...Tipper deals with the burden of being a young woman in today's society... Including a bonus arc Revenge is best Served with a :)' an improvised comic by Blue herself! Be worried.
11 comics
Story Arc 13

As sickly sweet as it sounds... has Snickers found her match.. in BoB's cousin Twix? (and yes- this is pay back for the last arch...)
14 comics
Story Arc 14

Tipper decides to try and cut corners with her clean-up duties during the summer... if Snickers lets her. (This arc was drawn on 11-19-02 and is replacing an older, too much of an inside joke arc that I am tired of having to explain to everyone.)
3 comics
Story Arc 15

The artist takes a break from thinking and lets Terrence Marks of Unlike Minervatake a spin at writing things for ND...
4 comics
Story Arc 16

Snickers gets revenge by taking the girls to Panda's Pizza fun palace.
8 comics
Story Arc 17

We finally get to see what's been going on with Joy and her on-line relationship...
4 comics
Story Arc 18

The cast of ND takes the time to ask a very important question...(colored on MS Paint)
3 comics
Story Arc 19

Ducky's idolization of Blue hits a nerve.
3 comics
Story Arc 20

The conclusion to Namir Deiter's mini-love epic...including the second kiss ever to appear in ND. ^.^
5 comics
Story Arc 21

A week and a bit's worth of one shot maddens
3 comics
Story Arc 22

Twix and Snickers get one spontaneous hurrah before the summer ends...
7 comics
Story Arc 23

Blue takes Ducky to the Jenny Jubs show for a boot camp and make-over.. and came back Mallory! (also including special Page 1 of Star Trek: The Namir Generation!)
8 comics
Story Arc 24

Brisbane Adams (of Unlike Minerva) gets a taste of what's its like to be the worlds most infamous idiot boy- BoB Dorpe.
13 comics
Story Arc 25

Snickers and Tipper have a bonding moment over Algebra.
6 comics
Story Arc 26

Snickers is off for another date with Twix and Tipper wants to know the score.
3 comics
Story Arc 27

Tipper's boyfriend Devlin hasn't been around too much these days and Tipper wants to know just where he is!
9 comics
Story Arc 28

BoB shows Joy just how 'different' she really is.
3 comics
Story Arc 29

Does Tipper really know just who her sister is dating?
7 comics

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