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Year Five
Story Arc 71

Snickers is out to find out to find and punish the moldy sandwich culprit!
5 comics
Story Arc 72

Joy's year of bleaching her pink fur white is about to catch up with her!
5 comics
Story Arc 73

With Gabby sick, Tipper is off to fend off Cedric by herself. Will a chance meeting change her point of view forever?
30 comics
Story Arc 74

Blue's mom is off on a date! Can Blue give her legal mother some biological sisterly advice?
5 comics
Story Arc 75

Joy finds a friend at the home, who isn't as old as you'd think.
5 comics
Story Arc 76

Someone from Tipper's past is about to try and turn her world upside down.
20 comics
Story Arc 77

Mamma Dorpe is out for grandchildren, too bad Snickers isn't.
5 comics
Story Arc 78

Blue is out to find a new job... if she could only pay attention long enough.
10 comics
Story Arc 79

Tipper and Cedric are off to a ball game... sort of.
5 comics
Story Arc 80

Joy and Dr.Fitzgerald get to know each other a bit more.
10 comics
Story Arc 81

Tipper and the crew are off to Prom! Let's see if they last the night.
50 comics
Story Arc 82

Video games and cooking should never mix. Ever. Joy and Blue find this out first hand.
5 comics
Story Arc 83

Joy and Tipper are on the convention circuit again... they'll just need a little help from their friends.
5 comics
Story Arc 84

Mallory and BoB... just sitting around, waiting for businesses to open (much like their relationship).
5 comics
Story Arc 85

Snickers is in a lot of trouble... but will hers outweigh the troubles going on at Dorpe Flowers Plus?
14 comics
Story Arc 86

It looks like Tipper missed the boat... can Gabby stand a weekend alone with Joy and (more importantly) Blue? Can Blue stand the weekend with Gabby?
14 comics
Story Arc 87

Taimoor is off to visit an old friend... but will a family secret make his trip an unhappy one?
14 comics
Story Arc 88

Joy and Blue are back to the same old college and almost the same dorms. But will their return to school be anything but routine?
12 comics
Story Arc 89

What ghastly guests will arrive at the Namir doorstop this Halloween? And will they have enough candy?
16 comics
Story Arc 90

Tipper isn't the only one who has old debts to pay...
21 comics
Story Arc 91

Thanksgiving with the Dorpes just got more competitive.
6 comics
Story Arc 92

The girls prepare for Christmas in their own ways.
7 comics
Story Arc 93

Forget Holiday cheer- everyone is just trying to survive another Holiday season.
29 comics

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