04.24.2019 - Terrence Marks:
Our Patreon is not back. We're reactivating it because there are terms changes coming to Patreon.com, and we want to make sure that we're grandfathered in under the old terms. We're concentrating on NamirDeiter.net for bonus content, currently. But we want to have options.

Also, we will be closing our PO Box in the near future. All the Post Offices around here are only open during office hours. They lock up the lobbies after 5 or 6 PM. I can't check it after work. I can't check it before work. If you send us a letter, we don't want it sitting around for weeks before I'm finally able to pick it up. So in a few months once it expires, we'll be boxless again.

01.14.2019 - Terrence Marks:
What have we been up to last weekend? Anime Los Angeles again. What have we been up to today? Trying to get the water heater to heat water.

The pilot light won't re-light and it's just been a hassle. We're getting it taken care of, but it's cold showers in the meantime. So things have been an uncomfortable hassle since we got back. I don't have anything enlightening or amusing to say about this.

ALA was nice, though. For reasons, we couldn't be in the house for a few days and figured we'd have fun during our enforced weekend vacation. This has taught us that "Can't go home" isn't nearly as enjoyable as "Won't go home", regardless of the circumstances.

We found some new stuff, like the Cosplay Wrestling Federation, which features folks in costume cutting promos at each other. There was no actual wrestling involved. I'm ok with that since the wrestling is kinda my least favorite part of the wrestling. If you wanted to see Lupin III, Skeletor, Mario, and Waluigi yelling about how they're going to beat each other up, then that's exactly what this is.

Back when we first went to anime conventions, you'd go watch shows because you might not get a chance to see Azusa Will Help! ever again if you skipped it. Now, just about everything they play is the same stuff I could watch for free on Crunchyroll from the comfort of my home.

Last year, we made Year of the Cat ribbons. This year will be the Year of the Pig, so we made that ribbon and asked people who their favorite anime pig was. (Last year was Year of the Dog; there is no Year of the Cat in the Chinese Zodiac. This is a plot point in Fruits Basket, wherein the lead character renounced her original zodiac year [dog] and declared herself to be a cat, zodiac-wise). Spider-Ham was quite popular, as was Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins. There's enough anime out there that if you made up a series and said there was a pig, I'd have to trust you.

Year of the Cat was still popular; Fruits Basket looks to have legs. We tried asking people their favorite anime cats before we switched to just asking for cat pictures. Y'see, that way we get to see pictures of peoples' cats. We'll probably re-print that ribbon for next year because cat pictures.

12.18.2018 - Terrence Marks:
We sent out the first batch of holiday cards on Monday. It's a little way we say Thank You to the readers. We'll be sending out the second and final batch tomorrow. The ones going outside the US are almost certain to arrive after Christmas, but hopefully the domestic ones will make it in time. If you want one - if you've been thinking about it but haven't made up your mind - now is the time to email me with your address.
12.11.2018 - Terrence Marks:
It's Holiday Card time again! This year's card will feature Adrian and Shelby! If you want one, please email me with your address. If you enjoy the comic, we'll be glad to send you one. We'll be getting them printed real soon so please contact us by Friday.
Want to send us a card? We'd be thrilled to get it. Email me for the address - and be sure to send your address so we can send you one back.
So here are the rules:
If you donated to NamirDeiter.net this year, you get a card (please make sure we have the correct address for you).
If you send us a card and email us your address, you get a card.
If you ask, you get a card.
11.07.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Comics are running late. It's been a bit of a week here.
We do have two cool things for you, though.

Firstly, Galen drew us some amazing fanart of Tipper and we're glad to have a chance to show it off here! If you like it, check out their comic Boys Love Boys' Love (which, fair warning, can get rather NSFW sometimes).
Secondly, Isabel did 31 drawings for Inktober. We hope that you enjoyed them. Eric Pearson created a video montage of them. If you missed any, they're all here:

11.02.2018 - Isabel Marks:

Hi guys... a few things... last month I participated in Inktober over on my Twitter, most with either a Nicole and Derek or Apartment for Two theme. It's over now, but you can still check them all out.

Ok, now for the other big news... what the heck is Apartment for Two, you might ask?

Short answer: it's what I am now calling my other comic Adult Supervision Required. The long answer is that I felt it was time to change things up for ASR... while I do still like the name, perhaps it gives off vibes that the comic really shouldn't have, so I came up with another name. I've been concerned that some people may see 'Adult' in the title and make assumptions. And to go with the name change, I'm going to be changing the story format a little. Every now and then I'll be doing short story arcs (but I cannot promise they'll all be arcs... or what kind of schedule the comic will have). N&D is always my first priority in comic-land, so if I only have the mental enegery for one comic, it'll be N&D. If you'd like to know when the comic updated as soon as it updates (give or take a few minutes), please check out the NamirDeiter Twitter account for all comic updates.

I know change can be concerning (I've actually been planning on this for a while now, part of my artist block for A42 made it hard to pull the name change trigger), so thank you for putting up with it. So far we've updated two days in a row, which is pretty good for a weekly-to-intermittant comic.

Apartment for Two's website is http://apartmentfor2.com. The previous domain, adultsupervisionrequired.com, will continue to work for the forseeable future.

10.01.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Three comics this week! We should be running Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this week since we missed one last week.
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