03.11.2020 - Terrence Marks:
Our cat, Momo, is not having a good day.

She's been sick for the last few days - a messy cold that wasn't getting much better. We took her to the vet and the good news is that that is treatable through antibiotics and probably not too serious.

The bad news is that the blood tests show that she's got chronic kidney disease. Right now she's at the local emergency vet, getting IV fluids. Then tomorrow we take her to the regular vet and get her re-evaluated and see what to do next.

So, not great. This is one of those things where, in a best-case scenario, we can manage it but we can't fix it. We've had her for fifteen years and we're not quite sure how old she was when we got her*.

I'm glad this problem got noticed now. It's not as good as not having the problem but it's better than only noticing it in hindsight after it is irrevocably too late. We don't know where we go from here, but we know it's involved a lot of vet bills and we know it will involve more vet bills yet to come.

So, Isabel is taking digital commissions. B&W. $12. One character. Payable through ko-fi or Paypal. Please include a note that it's for the commission. Be sure to send details and references if you've got them to isabelmarks@namirdeiter.com.

Isabel does not take commissions often. This is a limited-time offer and, at that price, quite a bargain.

Also, if you'd like to subscribe to NamirDeiter.net, our donors-only site featuring hundreds of bonus comics, thousands of bonus sketches, commentary, wallpapers, and more, you are cordially invited to do so.

*: When we got her, the shelter said she was just a few months old. The second vet we took her to said she was at least two years, judging by her teeth. She looked a lot closer to six months than two years. None of the other vets mentioned this to us. Maybe the second vet was mistaken. Maybe everyone else was simply too polite to correct us.

03.01.2020 - Terrence Marks:
Thank you all for participating in the latest Nicole & Derek Asks! We're back to regular comics and we'll be updating Tuesday and Friday!
02.16.2020 - Terrence Marks:
Hope you had a happy Valentines Day and/or a productive Half-Price Candy Day. One final week of questions. Hope you're enjoying them. We're having a lot of fun with this and we hope you are too. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions - especially Tyler, who sent in a whole lot.
Isabel is getting over a cold and we're both still coping with the loss of our cat Frankie. We expect to be back to regular comics next week. We're using the extra time to recover and put a bit more polish on the next storylines.
01.14.2020 - Terrence Marks:
It's question time! For the next three weeks, we're going five days a week. Make sure to come back Monday through Friday for daily updates! This starts now, so come back tomorrow.

Big thanks to everybody who sent in questions! Unfortunately, some of the Christmas-themed ones are going to have to wait - perhaps until the end of this year, if we remember. We had meant to do this in December but things kept happening. But December's loss is January's gain! See you tomorrow!

01.07.2020 - Isabel Marks:
Hi everyone, Isabel here... Terrence and I are still in mourning, but we're carrying on. I'm still just randomly crying when I think too much. I'm going to continue and finish up this story line before going into the N&D Asks arc. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! Derek and Nicole will have their hands full with them.
01.02.2020 - Terrence Marks:
The new year is not off to a good start for us. Our cat, Frankie, passed away suddenly this afternoon. He was our youngest, at nine years old. We'd had him since he was a kitten. So we're having a bit of a rough time. Isabel isn't feeling up for comics right now. Hopefully next week. We hope that the year is off to a better start for the rest of you.

We were there when Frankie was born. His mother belonged to Isabel's sister. He was the smallest. We took him in and he quickly outgrew our other cats.

We used to tease him, say that his father was one of the raccoons that occasionally frequented their backyard. Not just because he had a grey mask and stripes on his tail. He'd steal food from the trash. He'd steal food from your hands if you weren't looking. He'd steal food from your hands if you were looking and he thought he was faster than you.

The first time I used can opener after I got him, he came running and demanding the tuna water. Before I had started opening the can. I'm not sure how he got the initial notion that tin cans meant treats, but he'd insist on getting his share every time. Which was awkward when I was opening anything else. I gave him some of the water from a can of green beans once. He let me know that he was grievously offended.

He'd always want to play. He'd drag over a toy or nip at my elbow to get my attention. And I'd wave it about for him and he'd ignore it. After a minute or two I'd set it down and get back to work, which was his cue to bite my elbow again. I think that was the real game.

He wasn't a well-behaved cat. We always had to be shooing him off tables, off shelves, and off Momo.

But he loved being held. Or at least he tolerated it better than any of our other cats. He put up with us and we put up with him. And really, what more can you ask of a cat.
01.01.2020 - Terrence Marks:
Happy New Year!
We're back! Thank you for sticking with us through all this! We've had a bit of a rough year and hope that 2020 will be better for us! And you!
We're going to be running some Nicole and Derek Asks after this story. Thank you all for sending in questions!

Happy Year of the Rat!

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