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News for 05.04.2006:
Isabel aggravated an old back injury on Monday. They gave her some painkillers, so she's not feeling up to comics right now. We've got another doctor's appointment early tomorrow so we can get her fixed. And she'll probably insist on making up the comics, even if I try to talk her out of it. And our kitten Buttons appears to be doing well. We got her X-rayed and they didn't find anything unusual.


News for 04.31.2006:
First off... we made the goal for the month of May- which means Namir Deiter will update seven days a week, You Say it First updates six and Spare Parts two. Thanks to everyone who donated (especially to one person in particular... I owe you, my friend... I owe you. If I could bake, I'd send you cookies). Bonus content (such as wallpapers and bonus story info) will be up in the next coming days... sorry, the Buttons the kitten issue (which was paid by your loving support- thank you all!! ;__;) threw me for a loop. As for Buttons... she's still not feeling well from all the hydrogen peroxide they gave her. If she's not better by tomorrow night we get to take her to the vet and pray there is a way out of this that won't cost thousands.

We're having a 24-hour sale on May 1st. Discounts on Spare Parts, The Shokora Diaries, Undoubtedly Kawaii, and the Namir Deiter 2005 Yearbook.

Ok, I JUST found out Free Comic Book Day is May 6th. My ever-loving hubby told me it was around October... yeah, we didn't know. After last year I wanted to do something really special and fun for the 2006 version, but it looks like once again I will have to do something really quick and cheesy! Hooray!

Want to know how to get the free comic book day book sent to your home? Unfortunately I don't have the power of free distribution in comic book shops... so you all will have to pay for shipping (boo me if you like).

There are several ways to get the book...

If you donate at least $1.20 (and live in the US or Canada)- you will get one of these books sent to you plus the wallpaper as usual. No fuss, no muss. E-mail me if you live outside of the US for the price... I don't have them on-hand. This is to offset shipping and just a little bit of the production.

If you donate the $10 to get the bonus book for the month- the Free Comic Book day book will be sent free of charge along with it (plus of course your one month account to, home to daily comic commentary, sketch days five days a week, comics two days a week plus oodles of wallpapers!).

If purchase at least one of the books from the ND Unlimited Story in the month of May you will receive the free comic book day book free of charge.

I hope to have the book ready to be shipped no later than the end of May... no earlier than the 6th (sorry... still got to write, draw and make the things). The book will only be available for the month, but will more than likely become web content in a few months from now (but as a bonus incentive to donate and/or pay for your shipping... it'll be a story from an all new series. Ooooohh!). Of course page count is still undecided.

Also, all of April's donation books have been sent! We will work on buttons for donators soon!

Also... an update on Namir Deiter Book 2!

...ok, we have now heard back from all the books editors (yes, my grammar is so horrid that I need more than one) and Terrence is making the changes as I type this. We are also working on getting our ISBN numbers to work for us (which means we might be able to sell the books through Amazon... if we ever get the chance to look into it). I hope to have the book to the printers by the end of the week... which means we are now one week behind schedule. Nuts.

How will this affect pre-orders? I really hope it doesn't... I'm especially worried now because Terrence and myself will be out of town near the end of the month, which may throw a few more wrenches (or monkeys) into the works. I will try my best to leave things in such a way where my relative monkey minions can gets the books shipped to pre-order people while I am away.


News for 04.30.2006:
Our cat, Buttons, ate a piece of thread. This can be deadly, because the thread can...well, it's unpleasant. That's all most of you need to know about it. We spent most of tonight in the kitty emergency room. She seems to be doing fine, but it cuts into our comic-making time and Terrence has to wake up in five hours to go to work. The comic will be up tomorrow.


News for 04.25.2006:
Big thank-yous are in order toBill Holbrook for mentioning Terrence's I-con report. If you're here to check it out, we've got permanent links here (table and sketchbook sections), here (Badges and Panels) and here (David Kyle, The Dinner, George Takei)! (Thanks again, Bill!)

Oh, here's a quick ND Book 2 update. The coloring and pages are done (not finalized; as we're still waiting to hear back from our editors) and Terrence is working on a few of the other pages as I type. The book will be sent to the printers as soon as we get it done, which should hopefully be by the end of the week.

Now, for you readers who donated last month... first off thank you ever so much for your patience for waiting on the bonus book Elemental Story 3. I would not have gotten ND book 2 done if not for holding off on working on this book. I am happy to say that my work on the book is more or less done so I can now give my full attention to working on the bonus book.

Just to let you all know... $50 donors last month- your boxes are mostly all sent. I wanted to see if I could get the book done early and start work on it... but it got way too late.><

Next month we're going to be doing a bonus book featuring nearly all new content... kind of... it's a long, silly story- which you all will hear around May first.


News for 04.18.2006:
Yes, you read it right - we're taking pre-orders for Namir Deiter Year 2 - "Summer's Last Hurrah". We'll be taking them on-line only, until May 8th. We're trying to get a handle on how many books to order, so we strongly encourage you to pre-order a copy. That's why all pre-orders include a bonus sketch (of an ND character on the title page of the book) and a minicomic featuring a full-color version of the book's bonus story.

Status: Commentary done. Comics being proofread. Bonus story being colored. Book expected in early June.

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