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We're thinking of making holiday cards! Click the link for more news!
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Dec 19th, 2014 - [3543] Decorating for taste
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News last updated 12.14.2014

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Where our story is now:
Everyone is getting ready for Christmas in their own way.
ND Unlimited News

12.14.2014 - Terrence Marks:
So, it turns out a whole bunch of you wanted ND Unlimited holiday cards! We've got them printed up and the first batch is set to go out early this week.

If you want one, we've still got a few extra. Let me know.



12.07.2014 - Isabel Marks:
I'm thinking of mailing out holiday cards. If we do, I'd send it out to everybody who asks for one. However, December is a busy month so my question to all of you out there is:

Are you interested?

If you are, send Terrence your physical address. If we get enough interest and I can get this done, we'll get them sent out! (no guarantee that they'll arrive before December 25th...)

If you want to send us a card - and we really appreciate it when you do - our address is:
Terrence and Isabel Marks
PO Box 2246
Glendora, CA 91740

We still have a few from last year, if any of you missed out please let me know - first come, first served. (And if you want both, please let us know that too)


10.06.2014 - Terrence Marks:
Welcome back, everybody! Happy October!


09.20.2014 - Terrence Marks:
Hi, everybody! We're sorry about the lack of news lately. Isabel needs a break. We wanted to figure out if it'd be a long break or a short break before we said anything definite. Hence the delay. And it's going to be a long break. We'll be back in October. She's been doing Namir Deiter for a long time and needs to work on other projects for a little while. In the meantime, I'll post a few things here so the site doesn't get too lonely.
If you're a donor, we've given your account an extra month on account of the disruption.
In good news, we're doing good. I got to pet a real live hedgehog yesterday, which was pretty cool.


06.22.2014 - Terrence Marks:
So, what happened tonight?

Well, there we were just minding our own business when suddenly our bathroom flooded. The good news is that it wasn't our fault and management was able to send somebody to fix our upstairs neightbor's plumbing.

The bad news is that we still had a bathroom full of water. So that's where our day went. Between handling that, waiting for them to fix it, and Isabel thoroughly cleaning the place now that the water's gone, that's where our day went. Sorry about that.

I've realized that I can't smell scented cleansers without thinking of Lemon Technology, so that's a plus, maybe?

We mentioned Isabel was having some dental issues last week.

What happened?

We were out shopping and suddenly her mouth felt different. This is almost never a good thing. Even fairy tales don't go "Suddenly her mouth felt different. She probed underneath her tongue and found a solid gold coin."

So her tooth was chipped. We made a dental appointment. I was hoping that they could just fix it with tooth glue (note to self: find out if tooth glue is a thing). One X-ray later, we found out that it wasn't just chipped. It was cracked, which means they had to grind it down and put a crown on it.

The good news is that we have good insurance. We have a very good dentist who was able to fit us in the next day. We were able to get this taken care of quickly and easily, and should count our blessings for that.

Still kinda sucked, though.

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