12.23.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Our friends Dressari and Caine from Creators - Keepers of Mana, sent us some amazing fanart!
It's Avery and Teepo, from their comic, which you should check out!

(click for full-size version)
12.04.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Hey, folks! Taking a quick break from our story. Why? Because of a last-minute schedule change at my job. We'll be moving this to after the current arc (Mugged) once this is all done. We hope you enjoy the holiday break (a bit early) and have your own holiday plans!
12.01.2016 - Terrence Marks:
It's December and you know what that means! Holiday card time! I'm really stoked about what Isabel drew. It's got a few familiar faces we haven't seen since Namir Deiter ended.

We'll be sending the card out in a week or so. If your NamirDeiter.net subscription was active this year, you're getting one. Please make sure we've got the correct address for you.

If you're sending us a card, please let us know so we can send one back! (And *please* email us to let us know. Otherwise we might accidentally not send a card in return.) We appreciate all the cards we get! Our address is PO Box 2246, Glendora, CA 91740

Or if you just want a card, let us know. We expect to have a few left over. First come, first served so sign up quick!
10.31.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Hey! We're back! Isabel is feeling a little better. We'll be adding color to those comics in the near future.

We've got a week of N&D Asks coming up, and we're all excited about those!

Finally, over at NamirDeiter.net, we've got a (backdated) week of Halloween costumes! We're still catching up on commentary and hope to have that finished up next week as well!

So, from us to all of you, Happy Halloween!
10.07.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Sorry about the delays. Isabel's feeling sick. Family commitments. Overtime at work. Hasn't been a good last little while for us.

So let me tell you about the backstory to the comic. We had been talking about the idea for a while. My initial plan was a 60/40 split between Nicole's high school crew, and Brisbane and Kimberly's expanding business. There would've been more points of interaction, like one of a classmate whose parents used to work for Nicole's parents.

It'd be more political; with Nicole and Miss Fluffy both believing that their home country did things the right way; both believing in a more idealized version of how things worked (you can see a little of this in the first story). And Brisbane and Kimberly would dealing the actual reality of things, which would have marked differences.

And it would've focused more on the cultural differences. I grew up in Florida and moved to California as an adult. There are differences. There are things I miss. But I don't think it's given me quite the life experience necessary to tell a cultural fish-out-of-water story. At least not well or easily. There are people out there who've been through the real thing and have real things to say about it, and are basing this off of real countries.

It's possible to make the location(s) the star of the story. But it's not easy, and it asks a lot of the reader to invest in all the details that make a place a place. I wanted Nicole and Derek to be the kind of comic where you could follow along if you remembered the broad outlines of things. I realize some people will put it down for a bit then pick it back up and I'd rather make the picking-back-up as easy as I can.

The other thing is if I start talking about how this way of doing things is better than that way of doing things, it's going to get political. And there's quite enough of that going on right now without me contributing. Political fatigue is a thing. Politics is not part of our core brand. I've seen enough badly done political stories to know that it's trickier than it looks. And if we're going to go political, I'd rather we do it for something real than something fictional.

Also, having the School Cast, the Business Cast, the Government Cast, and the Characters From Previous Comics Cast would be overwhelming. You need a LOT of people to get a comic like that doing what it's supposed to do.

So we follow the characters. Shelby, Miss Fluffy, Derek, and Nicole kinda drive the story and generally keep the focus. Some of the above things are still true-but-in-the-background.
09.05.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Happy Labor Day everyone! We hope you're having a great time and meditating on the contribution that workers have made. If you have anything, a worker probably built it.

If you're not a subscriber to NamirDeiter.net last month, you missed:

  • 9 Random Tippers (ranging from pre-school to ND Tipper to N&D Tipper)
  • 7 FBAO Character classes that the cast of N&D would never want to play - Warrior Adrian, Succubus Avery, and more
  • 7 Alternate hairstyle sketches!
  • 8 Random characters! Who knows, they might be someone important later on. You never know.

As well as wallpapers, commentary (through 8/26 - we hope to have commentary up for last week's story, Magical Girl Code, real soon).
We're leading off September with End of Summer Beach Week featuring the girls of N&D. Hope you like it!
08.15.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel's computer is back up and working! And I learned a few things in the process.

Like how that unlabelled partition on an OEM is the boot partiton and you need to clone that one too for anything to work. I figured it was the Windows Restore partition; I'm used to computers having the Windows installation files on another partition for safe keeping. That way, when the hard drive dies and you need to reinstall Windows on your new hard drive you're entirely outta luck.

Cloning the drive (we used EaseUs Todo Backup Free) is so much easier than reinstalling Windows, reinstalling all the programs, reconfiguring them, and getting all the data back in place.

Also, turns out Windows 7 Home Premium doesn't let you create RAID 1 arrays, where you have two disks with the same information in case one fails. So we're going to do that manually.

Finally, it's amazing how solid state drive prices have come down in the last few years. Getting her a 240MB drive cost half as much as the 120MB drive I've got in my computer. And both of them put together cost less than the 50MB drive I had in my first computer, all those years ago.

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