05.28.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Blog Week! Isabel is taking the week because it's her birthday! We're glad to be taking some time off for a happy reason and not because we're sick or have impending jury duty or such. I've got some stories I've been meaning to tell. Also, if you have any comic-related questions, send them in and I'll answer a selection on Friday.

So, what did we do for Isabel's birthday? We got her a Mew.

Ever since the original Pokemon games came out, Isabel has wanted a Mew. We've downloaded them, been to Toys R Us events, and paid real cash money for My Pokemon Ranch. She's serious about this. Her Pokemon Go username is MewLife, which is also a reference to a before-they-got-depressing Depeche Mode song.

So for her birthday, she wanted a Mew in Pokemon Go. Yes, we still play it. It's the closest we'll get to having a Mew in real life.

To catch a Mew in Pokemon Go, there's a whole 22-step quest-line. After three months of leisurely playing, we were halfway through.

We had been stuck at needing to catch ghost-type Pokemon. If you're not familiar with the game, the important bits are that different Pokemon show up at different physical locations and that ghosts are rare. We needed ten and had run into two or three in the last few months. So we spent yesterday at a park thirty miles from home, where these things spawned intermittently and we could catch them if we got any cell signal.

We spent today doing Pokemon raids. The idea is that you get a large group together and fight really strong Pokemon. It was just the two of us. Fortunately, the goal was "participate in" rather than "win", because we lost. A lot. But we got points for showing up, and we did a whole lot of showing up.

And the final step in the questline - throw an excellent curveball. You catch Pokemon by throwing a ball inside a circle that gradually gets smaller. You get 'nice' if you hit inside that circle at its largest, 'great' if it's shrunk down halfway, and 'excellent' if it's at about 10% of the original size. And all the pokes we ran into had a really small circle to start with.

So 80 tries later, she hit it and we wrap this whole thing up. What's the plan for tomorrow? Enjoy living that Mew Life and probably not play much Pokemon Go for a few days.

05.18.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Check it out! We've got an intro video now, thanks to the hard work of our friend Eric Pearson. If someone asks you what the deal is with this Nicole and Derek comic you keep telling them about, show them this.
05.06.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel is taking a personal week. We've got sketches for you, and we hope you enjoy them! The storyline will resume Monday.
04.21.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Good news! No jury duty.
04.16.2018 - Terrence Marks:
Isabel (probably) has jury duty next week. So we're not sure what this week's update schedule is going to be.
It's funny. I've never been called in for jury duty. I've got a day job that pays me when I'm a juror. Isabel has been called in three times so far. We both agree that this is highly unfair. They've changed the system since last time and we're still not sure if we like it. Used to be, you'd call in every day for a week - maybe you went in, maybe you didn't. Now, you only have to call in on one day, but you're more likely to be called in.

So we've got a week of stressful uncertainty and possibly making life-altering decisions for a complete stranger.

We'll try to keep comics updated, but we'll see what happens.

04.10.2018 - Terrence Marks:
You may have seen #AdventureApril hashtag over on Twitter, Tumblr, and wherever else the cool kids hang out online these days. There's a bunch of prompts and you draw a thing each day and at the end, you've got a story or a framework or a bunch of cool drawings.
We're not doing it but our friend Julie Miyamoto is, and has featured a variety of characters from favorite online comics.
Shelby, Kimberly, and Blue have appeared, and we're glad to see them out adventuring (and hope you check it out as well)!
03.26.2018 - Terrence Marks:
We've moved webhosts! Again!
Why? The one we just moved to, there was a limit to how many PHP scripts we could run a day. Our entire archive is PHP scripts. We've got almost 9000 comics in the archive, so if a handful of people decide to read all of them, that's our quota and we're out of gas - come back tomorrow, folks.
And we were close to that quota. We could convert Spare Parts to an HTML-based archive, but that's not a big chunk of our total pageviews. We could set all the archives to a weekly view and hope that the comic doesn't become much more popular, but if we're planning on the comic not becoming more popular then we've got a bad plan.
I mean, we could force everyone to use weekly view but that just means we've got a slightly bigger pool of bandwidth to dole out. We were doing comics back in the early 2000s when this was a thing and bandwidth overages could kill a site, and we don't want to go back to the old days.
So we've moved. Again. Second time in a month. Fortunately, all the MySQL has been MySQLi-ized already and this time I've adjusted all the file paths so it should be easy to do again if we ever need to, and hopefully we won't. This time I went through all the extra files and obsolete pages and removed them.
Let me know if things don't work. I think I've got it all but there's a whole lot of stuff. Hope you like the new digs.
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