04.11.2017 - Terrence Marks:
Nicole and Derek's second anniversary is coming up on Thursday!
Can you believe it's only been two years? Can you believe it's already been two years? Time flies!
If you wanted to draw us something, that'd be really cool.

Or we could draw you something!

We're taking requests for NamirDeiter.net sketches! We've been running daily sketches on our subscription site, NamirDeiter.net, for a while and if you're on NamirDeiter.net, let us know what you want to see. (and if you're not on NamirDeiter.net, now wouldn't be a bad time to join)

Two characters max. Our characters or your characters (but not somebody else's). Minimal backgrounds. SFW. We reserve the right to say no. One request per person per month, please.
We'll run them on NamirDeiter.net. All drawings are digital, so there aren't really originals to send out.

So, what do you want to see? Email me.
04.04.2017 - Terrence Marks:

Isabel has a new comic. It updates Saturdays.
04.01.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Happy first of the month, everyone! Sorry for the Saturday update, but hope to see you all around on these days as well!

First off... yes, the Friday Nicole an Derek still needs to be colored, some last minute family things happened on Thursday and we ended up going to Wonder Con on Friday, so hopefully before Monday it'll be updated... second, please be sure to check out Adult Supervision Required , a little something or other I'm trying out. Hope you all have a wonderful April (and that I update the news again this month)!

03.17.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
Remember to drink your green glowing drinks responsibly!

02.14.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Happy 14th, everyone! First off, here's a very special message from Derek.

Secondly, I'm going into surgery in the morning. It should be a simple enough procedure, but all procdeures have their risks. I'm going to try and work on the comic thoughout the week, but there's a chance I might need some time off. Please keep an eye on Terrence's and my own Twitter accounts for more info.
01.19.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Sorry about the short notice. I need to take a week off. We're going to have sketches next week. This story will resume on the 30th. We'll see you then!
12.23.2016 - Terrence Marks:
Our friends Dressari and Caine from Creators - Keepers of Mana, sent us some amazing fanart!
It's Avery and Teepo, from their comic, which you should check out!

(click for full-size version)
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