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Welcome to Final Battle Adventure On-line!

Final Battle Adventure On-line is a MMORPG that started out as a small one-server on-line gaming community serving the Hippedown region back in 2003.  Today we have over three versions of the game, serving the Hippedown, Durri and now finally the Sherup regions.  We have over 60 servers per version to accommodate our 1 million+ players.

FBAO features both real time in-game chat in both text and voice chat (soon to be available to FBAO: Sherup Server in 2008) in a 3-D real time gaming environment.  Yes, here at FBAO, it's all real time. 

Join a brood party to gang up on enemies the fun, interactive way.  Meet friends from across the street or across town, just don't start trading phone numbers or dirty pictures of yourself with them on our servers (because the lawyer character class highly frowns upon that sort of thing- at least the ones we employ do).

To level you hit things... over and over again, really.  You can't really win or anything, but with our huge community of people who may or may not be hot chicks in real life, you won't care!

-The FBAO Team
"Never give out your
password (it's not cool)"

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